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Professional Treatment at Home!

Get a professional grade treatment from the comfort of your own home!

I highly recommend having a custom regimen recommended by a Licensed Esthetician to cover the skincare products. But we're going to talk home care tools today!

Amp up your cleansing

A Foreo Cleansing device such as the Luna Mini 2 is the perfect way to ensure you are getting a deep pore clean. This silicone device is gentle and good for all skin types, the soft bristles do not harvest any bacteria & reach up to 99% of all the gunk that gets trapped in our pores and leads to breakouts! A bonus feauture is the massage aspect... yes, massage! The different vibration settings help stimulate the collagen production in the skin to help plump fine lines & wrinkles while helping with product penetration. Wait, there's more! There are NO replaceable pieces, so your one time payment is all! It is completley waterproof, save time and cleanse in the shower! And one charge lasts around 300 uses so don't lose that USB charging cord. It is so incredibly easy & hands down one of my favorite tools. 10/10 recommend - great investment! Check out their Acne Spot Treatment Espada Light & their Iris Eye Massager!

LED Light Therapy

Treat & prevent aging factors or skin concerns! Help promote healthy aging with Lightstim Anti-Aging LED Light therapy. This device uses different waves of amber, red and infra-red light to stimulate collagen + elastin production to plump fine lines and wrinkles, lighten hyperpigmentation, promote healing and product penetration. This amazing technology is used in many medical spas to help patients recover after cosmetic surgeries.

Is acne an issue? Lightstim Anti-Acne uses blue and red light waves to treat mild to moderate acne, calm existing breakouts and restore your skin's clear and healthy appearance. Both of these hand held devices are the same strength as the professional panels you would fine in a spa! Use yours everynight, it will not cause any harm. Only benefits!

Get your Beauty Sleep

Slow the signs of aging while you sleep with a silk pillowcase. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping and sleep wrinkles are real & coming for you!

Ever woken up with creases on the face? As we age, our skin loses elasticity and those sleep lines -caused by friction and pressure on facial skin - will begin to appear more pronounced and linger longer. The creases tend to quickly disappear but they will come back to get you down the road, they become "ironed into the skin". Silk pillowcases also absorb less facial products than cotton pillowcases, in return they ensure that your valuable skin & hair products stay where they belong. Proven to produce 43% less friction, which reduces stretching and pulling on delicate skin. So easy & simple! Check out their super cute hair accessories to keep you hair happy & healthy too!

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