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Professional Products vs Over the Counter

- Danielle, Sorella Apothecary -

We see a lot of people who don't know WHY they should be using professional skin care versus something you can buy at the drugstore or even department store, so we wanted to dive into a quick overview!

 Professional  Skincare Products

1.  Contain high quality active ingredients that focus on results for specific skin needs

2.  Made in smaller batches to ensure fresh ingredient

3.  Uses high quality oils.  High quality oils and ingredients penetrate and soak into the skin better

4.  Made to target specific skin care concerns

5.  The high quality ingredients are used in higher concentrations

6.  Sold through a skincare professional who can target specific skincare concerns and help you see results and properly balancing the skin

Over The Counter Products

1.  Contains lower amounts of active ingredients that is for a broader range of skin types to appeal to the masses

2.  Made in large batches and mass produced

3.  Often times drug or department store brands use low quality oils or ingredients such as petroleum and mineral oil-both of which only sit on top of the skin preventing ingredients from penetrating and also potentially clogging pores

4.  Made to target the masses with a "One size fits all" approach

5.   Any high quality ingredients may be included, but may also be in lower concentrations and named mainly for marketing purposes

6.  Often times consumers are left guessing when trying to find the right product leaving the skin unbalanced

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