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Switch to Silk!

Our good ol protective masks have been getting the best of our skin and it is time to put an end to it! It is important to keep you and others safe but what about your skin?

Having to wear a disposable or cotton mask for hours on end, everyday has been known to cause irritation, discomfort and maskne (mask acne/blemishes).

If you make the switch to silk masks, you will not regret it. My only regret not finding them sooner!

As an Esthetician, I see multiple faces everyday. In every single consultation since Covid has hit us, my clients are noticing changes in their skin due to wearing masks. A healthy skin care regimen can only go so far. Healthy skin can (unfortunately) still get irritated and breakout. After researching and testing different materials for masks... I found a maskne cure!! Look cute, be comfortable + stay safe!

An article by Dr. Liji Thomas called "Silk useful as face mask and PPE in COVID-19" really inspired me to help my clients and others. I will attach the link at the end but I will give you the run down.

"Researchers found that when used for protection of the face, silk is the most effective at preventing the penetration of droplets, and the least absorptive of water, coupled with its breathability... makes it ideal for protective material for home-made for face coverings. The other advantages include its inherent antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, as well as the thinness of the material even when used in multiple layers. Silk also does not irritate the skin or increase local humidity around the face beneath it, making it suitable for prolonged wear, and avoiding accidental stimulation of face touching."

After researching and investing in a few different silk masks, I found my favorite that I now carry for purchase! I put them to the test though to ensure they lived up to the research.

1st week - I wore a disposable mask and had a 40hr. work week. I did my normal morning skin regimen so I had a clean, protected base and did not wear any makeup. After the first day I saw redness, irritation and some new texture pop up on my face specifically underneath the mask - mainly chin + jaw. That area is very common due to the moisture and humidity that gets trapped. Breakouts continued to get worse... we're talking BIG, inflammed and painful blemishes. Needless to say, I was frustrated.

2nd week - Finally got to try out my silk mask. Wow the difference it made immediately! Again, same skin regimen, no makeup and 40hr. week. I had NO redness, irritation or texture... the. whole. week! The silk was SO comfortable (I forgot I was even wearing it), I got so many compliments on how stylish they were and it was allowing the existing blemishes I had to heal!

3rd week - I should've stopped but I thought the silk was too good to be true. I tried out a cotton mask. I hated every single second I wore that thing. Within the first 10 mins my mask was actually wet. The amount of moisture that was trapped in that material made me feel disgusting and it upset my skin again! Back came the blemishes and irritation. I didn't make it a whole week with the cotton.. I went back to my #1 silk mask and oh my goodness it saved my skin again.

SOLD! I needed to share this incredible "discovery" with everyone! Protect you & your skin! Avoid moisture getting trapped, irritation caused by rubbing and mask acne + breakouts by making the switch to a silk mask.

Individual Masks, Trio Options or Custom Orders (10 minimum).

Shop my Silk Face Mask on my site now!!

The silk will speak for itself.

Individual Masks, Trio Options or Custom Orders (10 minimum). SHOP HERE - Silk Face Mask

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