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Transition your Skincare from Summer to Fall

- Sorella Apothecary -

While you anticipate the crunch of leaves and the coming of Pumpkin Spice you should also consider changing up your skin care routine!

Let's go over how to keep your skin radiant and glowing into fall & winter:

  • A creamy cleanser will help to clean and hydrate without stripping the skin.  You can add a creamy cleanser to your current routine and use it once daily, or on its own.

  • An exfoliant will increase cell turnover by removing dry, dead skin build up. Will improve texture & tone while helping decrease breakouts and aging factors. Consider getting a professional chemical peel treatment for best results! Fall & Winter= Peel Season! (easeescape)

  • A toner will help to balance the skin's Ph.  It will also help to remove any impurities your cleanser did not reach.  Use a Hydrating Serum immediately after your toner to seal moisture to the skin.

  • Add a mask to help nourish skin stripped from summer.  Use a brightening mask to help even skin tone. Papaya & Pumpkin is perfect for fall!

  • Our skin regenerates at night.  Using a heavier moisturizer at night will help to seal in hydration, and add a boost of anti-aging!

  • If normal to oily / acne prone : instead of Daily Greens try Blueberry Milk.

  • If normal to dry / sensitive : instead of Blueberry Milk try The Balm.

And don't forget to keep using your sunscreen.  It's important year-round!

Check out our new Fall Facial to experience all these essentials...

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