LUNA play Pearl Pink

LUNA play Pearl Pink


The Tiny but Mighty Sonic Face Cleanser & Massager


Fun, affordable, and the perfect introduction to the amazing skincare benefits that come from T-Sonic™ cleansing, LUNA play proves that great things come in cute packages! It uses a compact design and 2-zone brush to gently and thoroughly offer your skin a sonic cleanse to leave you glowing and gorgeous, with just 1 minute twice a day!


Size of a cotton pad for the ultimate on-the-go cleansing. Easily cleanses hard-to-reach areas. Non-rechargeable with up to 100 uses.


1. Apply cleanser

Apply your regular cleanser. Wet LUNA play and turn on the device.

2. Cleanse

Gently move LUNA play’s cleansing surface in circular motions around your face for 1 minute.

3. Rinse

Rinse and dry your face. Apply your other skincare products, if any.