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Ease Escape Treatments
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Consultations are key for assessing the future of your skin health and most importantly, devoting the time to learn about your skin. To help you reach your goals we require prospective clients (even those we haven't worked with for over a year) to begin with a 1:1 consultation before beginning treatments. This helps us assess your skin, your concerns, and your desired goals to create a treatment plan just for you! Every facial will begin with an assessment for the esthetician to learn about your current skin care routine, address concerns, track changes and expertly customize products for your specific skin type.

Consult & Treat

$50 | 90 mins.

You are unique and so is your skin, so let’s find what is best for you! The Consult with Treatment includes a holistic consultation focusing on lifestyle habits, skin & health history, while addressing your skin concerns and goals. As well as a skin analysis to determine your skin type & conditions. With this consultation, you will be given professional recommendations on treatments & products, a treatment that day will be designed just for you, check-ins, and direct contact to your Esthetician. The Consult + Treatment is the best way to take care of both at one time! Price of treatment varies based on the type of service desired and the consultation is a seperate one time charge of $50.00.

Virtual Consult

$75 | 45 mins.

The Virtual Skincare Consultation can benefit anyone from the comfort of their home, even those who live outside of Illinois. This consultation offers advice and product recommendations for all skin concerns using products offered by Ease Escape. Receive free shipping on products purchased during the Virtual Skincare Consultation. Please expect contact from Ease Escape at the beginning of your appointment time. No Show policies apply to virtual consultations and $75.00 goes towards the consultation. The consultation includes a treatment plan, skincare regimen, frequent check-ins, and direct contact to your Esthetician.

prepare for your consultation


Come with a clean face! A freshly washed and makeup free face is appreciated. This ensures we spend our time efficiently and that we're able to analyize your skin in its natural state to recommend the best treatment plan for you. For  afternoon/evening appointments, you may use cleanser, moisturizer and spf. 


Know your products​! We want to know anything and everything your using on and for your skin. Please make a list and/or take photos of your product names and the brands, as well as any medications and supplements. Ease Escape is a judgement free zone, this is to ensure there are no contraindications. 



Be open-minded! Although you might be interested in a specific treatment, we will recommend treatments and products that will work well with your skin - keeping your best interest in mind! There is an adjustment period the skin goes through, we want to ensure we EASE your way into your skin journey!



THE CLASSIC TREATMENT is best suited for the casual facial enthusiast. Gentle, yet effective professional products from SORELLA APOTHECARY and FARMHOUSE FRESH skincare lines are precisely matched to refresh, nourish and restore balance to the skin. This collection is most beneficial for those seeking a treat of relaxation or new to the art of skincare.

Glow & Go

$85 | 40 mins.

A wellness boost for your skin! Cleanse, mask & relax under the Anti-Aging Lightstim panel for softer, smoother & firmer skin! Red light therapy will increase circulation to promote healing and increase collagen production. The perfect way to prep your skin for a special occasion (Bridal Favorite) or beneficial skincare maintenance between clinical and advanced treatments.

EASE Essentials

$120 | 45 mins.

The perfect introduction to the world of skincare or a wonderful option to keep your skin in optimal condition. All the necessary regimen steps explained and demonstrated and of course... custom to you! This treatment includes a double cleanse, gentle exfoliation, custom mask, moisturizer and SPF. Learn new tips & tricks to perfect your homecare regimen.

Clean & Clear

$85 | 40 mins.

A fresh start for congested skin! Focus on healing and killing acne bacteria. Cleanse, extract & relax under the Anti-Acne Lightstim panel. Blue light therapy will treat acne, calm existing breakouts & restore your skin's healthy appearance! Perfect way to prep your skin for a special occasion or beneficial maintenance between clinical and advanced treatments.

EASE Signature

$150 | 60 mins.

Relax, refresh & renew your skin! This treatment is customized to target your skin concerns and goals on the face, neck and decollete. Soothing, hydrating, balancing or the perfect mix. Includes a double cleanse, custom exfoliation, three part massage (warming, toning and calming), custom mask, targeted serums, moisturizer, eye & lip care and SPF. Keeping you and your skin happy & healthy!




THE CLINICAL TREATMENT is best suited for the avid skin care enthusiasts seeking correction, resurfacing or revision of the skin using SORELLA APOTHECARY skincare. SORELLA APOTHECARY is a botanically based, professional skin care line that uses rich nutrients & active ingredients that support your skin’s natural regenerating properties. This collection is most beneficial for those seeking corrective outcomes through a series of treatments and fully committed to a structured home-care regimen.


$185 | 60 mins.

A targeted facial to combat and calm acne prone skin. This will be customized to the severity of your acne - This facial will include a double cleanse, toning, custom exfoliation, custom acne safe massage, pore primer with extractions, different types of modalities based on what your skin needs- Blue LED light therapy and High Frequency to kill acne bacteria, custom mask, targeted serums, moisturizer and spf. The focus is to clear your complexion, calm any inflammation & rebuild your barrier using powerful and real ingredients.You will leave with a customized plan of action and preventative acne tips & tricks to be on the road to healthy skin!


$200 | 75 mins.

Age gracefully with the help of this anti-aging facial. Includes a double cleanse, toning, custom exfoliation, stimulating collagen massage, custom mask, collagen booster, custom mask, targeted serums, moisturizer, eye and lip care and SPF. Bonus add ons include the Age Perfecting Booster focusing on the areas we tend to neglect - eyes, lips & decollete. We will use products that are going to target cell turnover & in turn plump up that skin and help your skin's elasticity and collagen production! We will incorporate LED therapy that works with the products to firm up that skin & encourage new collagen. Walk away relaxed and more youthful.

Peel & Heal

$300 | 60 mins.

A corrective chemical peel to exfoliate your skin & promote healthy cell renewal! Customized to your skin concerns and goals, there are four different peel options - Clear Skin, Brightening, Maintenance and Healthy Aging. Results can include fine line reduction, smoother skin texture, even complexion, and reducing hyper-pigmentation. May be applied to face, neck and decollete. Best results come from a peel series. Must be an existing client to book this treatment!


THE ADVANCED TREATMENT when Science + Nature have merged in these Advanced Modalities,  offering medical grade skin therapy with a holistic approach through GENEO technology. GLO2 Facial is the ultimate super facial for achieving younger, healthier & naturally better-looking skin. This non-invasive, innovative facial is customizable for every age, skin type, season. Experience immediate, long-lasting results with zero downtime. This collection is most beneficial for those seeking corrective and preventive outcomes through a series of treatments and fully committed to a structured home-care regimen.

GLO2 Customizations:

Hydrate (Nourish & Smooth), Detox (Repair & Soothe), Revive (Fine Lines & Wrinkles), Illuminate (Brighten),

Glam (Plump & Tone), Retouch (Smooths & Clears)  &  Balance (Acne & Oil).

Glo2 Classic


$200 | 45-60 mins.

$300 | 90 mins.

Glo2 Classic includes:

  • Geneo 3 in 1 technology - Oxfoliation, Lux Ultrasound + Detox Lymphatic Drainage

  • Deep cleansing, custom exfoliation, targeted serum, ultrasound infusion, massage, moisturizer and SPF.

  • Eye & Lip Care

  • Extractions

  • Custom Mask

Glo2+ includes:

  • Geneo 3 in 1 technology - Oxfoliation, Lux Ultrasound + Detox Lymphatic Drainage

  • Deep cleansing, custom exfoliation, targeted serum, ultrasound infusion, massage, moisturizer and SPF.

  • Eye & Lip Care

  • Extractions

  • Calming Booster Jelly Mask

  • Collagen Booster LED Light Therapy

  • Neck & Decollete Treatment

  • Extended Massage

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Boosters & Add ons are a wonderful option to customize your facial experience even further! These are designed to target certain areas, goals and concerns. 

Calming Booster


An in-spa specialty mask that soothes & cools the skin. This luxe cooling mask lowers the skin's temperature, increasing the absorption of active ingredients used in any facial. The mask can be applied over eyes and lips reaching areas other products fail to touch. Paired with a hydrating serum, skin will be left soft, supple & refreshed.

Glow Booster


The Glow Boost Stimulating Solution works to flush and repair the skin while dramatically increasing circulation. This will help tighten, brighten, smooth and enhance radiance. A gentle massage with the Glacier Ice Globes will reduce inflammation,puffiness, and redness- all while feeling relaxed and revived. Skin will feel brighter and tighter after this treatment.

Collagen Booster


Red LED Light therapy that uses different wavelengths/colors of light to reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, maintain your skin’s youthful appearance, temporarily increase blood circulation to promotes healing and nourish your skin from within.

Clarifying Booster


A combination of Blue and Red LED Light therapy that uses different wavelengths/colors of light to treat mild to moderate acne. Killing acne bacteria, calming and soothing existing breakouts and will restore your skin's clear and healthy appearance. 

Healthy Aging
Add On


Eye, Lip & Decollete -These are the most forgotten about areas we tend to not treat. These areas show signs of againg the fastest! To slow visible signs, we will show a little extra love to these neglected places. Cleanse, exfoliate, serum, mask & protect each!

Hand Treatment
Add On 


This unique hydrating & softening treatment relaxes and moisturizes the hands with a hand massage to work in the nourishing Honey Glaze. Hands will be restored after resting in a pair of warm mitts. A great way to nourish and replenish dry skin.


Classic Back

$150 | 60 mins.

A custom back treatment to target the hard to reach area. Includes speciality dry brushing to promote lymphatic flow, boost immune system & discourage cellulite. It is a wonderful exfoliator that will leave your skin silky & smooth! Cleanse, tone, a warming massage, custom mask and a heavenly body balm and oil duo will leave you refreshed!

Clinical Back

$$$ | 60 mins.

Choose between…..

  • Anti-Acne Treatment      $200

  • Anti-Aging Treatment     $225

(See Clinical Treatment Descriptions) 

Advanced Body

$$- $$$ | 60 mins.

Geneo Glo2 Advanced treatment is safe for the whole body! Bikini Line, Bum, Arms, Legs, Chest, Back, Hands. Razor bumps, acne, stretch marks, aging skin, hyperpigmentation and dryness can affect the skin head to toe. The same Geneo technology that treats the face can also treat the body. 

  • Price varies per treatment area, price provided during consultation.

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