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I am Emily, Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist based in the Chicagoland Area.

I am very blessed to have found my passion. Growing up surrounded by the beauty industry, I never saw myself taking this path. Having acne for years, I learned to cover up my imperfections with makeup; it then shortly turned into more than a hobby. In and out of the dermatologist office for years, high grade & priced medications…nothing was working. I decided to take matters into my own hands and explore what Esthetics school has to offer. I instantly fell in love with skincare and facials. I was able to take my new knowledge and clear my skin by myself. Having this new confidence really motivated me to help others who are struggling with their complexion. I know what it is like to feel uncomfortable in your own skin. I do not want anyone to feel the way that I did. Instead, I want to help others feel beautiful & confident in their own skin, whether that be with or with out makeup. 

I offer my clients custom facial treatments that are as luxurious as they are effective.

In addition to skin treatments, I’m a Makeup Artist who specializes in Bridal & Special Occasions.

Aside from services, I have created a space where you are able to get the best of the best professional skin care products. Not only do you get an exclusive professional experience, you also have access to professional recommendations.  I have provided information for each product and have created tools to filter by your interests & skin concerns... but, if you are wanting a custom regimen that will include the best products for YOU, do not hesitate to reach out and schedule a skin consultation! 

I have carried these products and tools in my spa for years. In the future I hope to expand and include all my must have beauty products including hair care, makeup & more. 

I’m constantly educating myself on the latest products and techniques so that I can offer my clients the best that the industry has to offer. I can assure you that I will give you 100% each and every time you are receiving a service or placing an order.

Thank you for your support, it means the world! 




Lex Poulakos Photographer

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